Here in WebCells we believe that a website is like a living organism in a way,so that means we have to take care of it if we want it to work perfectly! The best way to take care of  a website is to be there when there is even the smallest of problems. We can offer constant and in depth technical support on your website in a way that everything is up to date and working as its supposed to work. This way your website is secure, fast and always online.


WebCells offers two different ways of technical support:

technical support and tools sign in hexagon buttonYou can hire us as an administrator of your wordpress website for a small monthly fee and we can take care of everything you need. All the updates that need to be done right on time so your website is secure plus to continue adding more content on your website.

tech-supportChoose the professional wordpress website package and you get the your own personal website administrator for one year FOR FREE. This means not only you get a professional looking website but also you get the peace of mind that our admins can offer!